Friday, June 16, 2017

Long time no post!

Still alive and kicking, I assure you. Heading for Metallica tonight at Jerry-World for a little 'anger management' session with the boys from the Bay. Whiplash indeed. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

An Evolution of BMX Freestyle in pictures!

It's been radio silence for quite awhile, but the collection is still out there! Building since 2009- watch the slideshow, maybe throw on the Rad soundtrack on cassette.

BMX Digital Archives

Friday, May 23, 2014

Veda Goes to School! | Medical Expenses -

This is the sweetest little family unit in Fort Worth! I've got 350 friends. Let's all throw down for this little girl and make it happen for them. I kicked it off with a hundred spot. Who else is in?? Do me a favor here, k?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Suffering In Silence- Don't Become a Statistic. by: George A. TenEyck

It’s been awhile. Writers block is beginning to fade and I was moved to write by some sad, but common news of late.

Today I found myself weeping for the tragic loss of someone I never met. A group of cyclist friends of mine were all totally stunned when one of their riders took his own life recently. 

This story hits close to home because I shared so much in common with this person. News like this is shocking and increasing among young people everywhere.

It seems that in these tumultuous times more and more of our brothers and sisters are suffering in silence. Whether the despair comes from the long-lasting scars of life, (like hazing/bullying, war/PTSD) from crisis of identity, or whether stricken with the disease of depression, far too many young people are giving up on life and ending it all.
Having felt extreme highs and lower ‘lows’ in life (hello GenX) I totally understand those feelings. But I also understand that no matter what hand we are dealt in life, there is always a better solution than giving up.

The worst day of your life is still better than no life at all. Whatever your calling or purpose in life, we were not put here to quit. Finishing the ‘game,’ so to speak, is our most important calling as human beings. If you still have air in your lungs then you have all you need to start changing things for the better and to seek help!

Please do not suffer in silence. There are enough things in this world that could potentially kill us. Speak up! Depression and anxiety are real, do not become another statistic.

DO get help, find health, and get your life back! There is no shame in therapy- might just save your life!!

It’s Never Too Late. Talk To Someone

Monday, May 5, 2014

American Dream Come True: The Graduate and Two Proud Grandfathers

 The Graduate and two proud Grandfathers. Celebrating by the fire with some brews on a chilly Michigan day in May. 

  The TenEycks and Howcrofts were neighbors from 1978 to 1984 in Berkley, Mi- a suburb of the once mighty Motor City.

   Despite the sobering realities of Detroit and its crumbled glory, out in the suburbs there are proud, hard-working people still trying to make a difference and also achieving their dreams. Don't believe everything negative that you read about the Detroit area.

   There is hope for Detroit- while it is certainly a monumental task to recover from such severe urban decay, it can and must be done. There is tagging and graffiti on every imaginable surface from train to skyscraper. It is amazing and unnerving at the same time. 

    What has slowly happened there over the past 40 years is wrong on so many levels. But because of the efforts of good people- city is clearly on the rise and there are pockets of revitalization popping up all over the city.

30 years ago Downtown Fort Worth wasn't much more inviting than Detroit- well maybe a little more- but look at it now. Amazing transformation funded by a few men with a vision and the influence to make it happen. Revitalization works. Much bigger mess up there in Detroit- but the city is no less worthy of saving!

And yes, I love it.

At the end of the day, It's a nice little happily ever after story.
30 years after we moved away, the old neighbors were reunited- this time as family to watch their grandchild graduate from college. Sounds like an American Dream to me!

Best little neighborhood ever.  Berkley, Michigan 48072

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 year flashback! Layoff 2009: Gen-X Survival Guide

 Got canned and then got busy on  checking off that Bucket List! Great ride ever since..highs, lows, and everything in between. 

Layoff 2009: Gen-X Survival Guide part 1
Part One: Suddenly a Statistic

So it's 2009 and you've just spent the past 15 years or so either working, going to school (partying), or pursuing your chosen profession.

You were one of the most experienced guys in the office and confident in your job security. Life inside a yellow and purple cubicle at a major internet company was pretty good. Twin 60inch plasma screens in the lunch room? check. Foosball tables? check. Crazy stories & shocking revelations?? *see confidentiality agreement =)

You had just completed some pretty expensive training on the company dime and were ready settle in for an easy summer of NCAA Women's softball archives, Nascar press conferences, and Disney electronic press kits. Skating down easy street,

One day, as you walk into the office with your sack lunch and designer messenger bag in tow, your boss and security are waiting for you at the front door.

"Can you come with us please?"

There is no mistake as to where you are going now: to an unmarked conference room, located outside the secure interior of the office to meet with 'HR' Nice touch.

Scenes like this have played out a million times, just this year in the United States.

Suddenly, I too am an unemployment statistic.

The neat, clean, and concise pink slip read something like: 'As you have been informed'..'your position has been eliminated' "career transition", "future endeavors", etc, etc.

Now what?

Don't Panic, Get a Grip!

It's bad news, but not the end of the world. If you got lucky and received severance benefits or even if you didn't, take advantage of this sudden time off to unwind, relax, and get some rest.

This is key.

Getting laid-off is a major life event, yes. But you've most likely been busting your tail for years and perhaps slowly losing touch with reality in the process. Take some time off, get some sleep, and enjoy yourself for once.

When the shock wears off; take a long, careful look at yourself, your goals, and where you'd like to go next professionally. Most of the people I know who have been laid-off earlier this year say that it was the best thing that ever happened to them, from a motivational standpoint. Just the kick they needed, so to speak.

The daily grind of work tends to separate professionals from the activities and people that they love. Now that you've got some serious spare time on your hands, get out, see the country, visit family, and plug back into the reason you were working in the first place. Take a road trip.

Past Gigs Gallery

I bought my tickets to the Bonnaroo music festival the day after I received my layoff notice. Needless to say, Bonnaroo was the ultimate way to relax after over a decade of continuous employment. I took 12 days and drove cross-country from Dallas to Nashville to New York City to Atlanta and back to Dallas. I visited friends along the way and made a few new ones. Vacation is exactly what I needed to reset myself

The Bucket List Chronicles

The droning routine of professional life can tend to make people lose touch. Networking can get you everywhere, especially while you are searching for a new gig. Plug back in and start talking to people.

Get Back In Shape

You'll be competing against kids half your age for jobs, better be sharp, better LOOK sharp. It seems that everyone is on a fad diet of some sort these days, but seriously. It's well past time to get your body and your mind back in order. It's never too late to feel great and look good again. The stress and rigors of life are much easier to tackle from a place of health. And besides, looks count, no doubt.

The competition for jobs is fierce with so many job seekers. Although it shouldn't really matter, your appearance can make or break your job chances sometimes. I'm not talking about getting juiced up and hitting the gym hours per day or starving yourself.
I'm talking about finding some form of physical activity or sport that you love and getting out there. The gym isn't for everyone. That's ok. Play soccer, ride bikes, whatever- just get active. It does wonders.
Get yourself moving and you'll be surprised at how fast you can get back into decent shape with a little effort. Eat less, exercise more. It works.
Wellness looks fantastic
What next?

stay tuned